Htc one x-take or view a picture

Follow these instructions to use the phone's camera.

  1. Activate the camera
    Press the menu icon
    Press Camera

  2. Take a picture
    To zoom in or out:
    Press and drag the indicator to the required position to zoom in or out

    To activate the flash:
    Press the flash icon repeatedly to activate flash
    Point the camera lens at the required object and press the lens icon
    The picture is saved automatically

  3. Choose option
    You have a number of other options when taking pictures using the phone's camera.

    Choose one of the following options:
    Select scene mode, go to a
    Select resolution, go to b
    Activate or deactivate geotagging, go to c

    a) Select scene mode
    Press the scene mode icon
    Press the required setting

    b) Select resolution
    Press the settings icon
    Press Image resolution
    Press the required resolution

    c) Activate or deactivate geotagging
    Press the settings icon
    Press Camera options
    Press Geo-tag photos
    When the field next to the menu item is ticked (V), the function is activated
    Press the settings icon.

  4. Exit
    Press the Home key to return to standby mode

View pictures

Follow these instructions to view pictures and video clips.

  1. Find Gallery
    Press the menu icon
    Press Gallery

  2. View picture or video clip
    Go to the required folder
    Press the required picture or the required video clip
    Press the Back key to return to the list of pictures and video clips

  3. Exit
    Press the Home key to return to standby mode

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