Htc one x-save a contact

Follow these instructions to create a new contact.

  1. Find Add
    Press the menu icon
    Press People
    Press Add

  2. Enter name
    Press Edit
    Press the field below Given name and key in the first name
    Press the field below Family name and key in the last name
    Press OK

  3. Select phone book
    Press the field below Contact type
    Press SIM, the required email account or Phone
    The steps below are based on the Phone phone book. If you select another phone book, there may be some differences in relation to the instruction

  4. Key in phone number
    Press Phone and key in the required phone number
    Press the field next to the phone number
    Press the required number type

  5. Enter email address
    Press Email and key in the required email address

  6. Save contact
    Press Save

  7. Add more information
    You can add more information to the contact. The following steps show two examples.

    Press the required contact
    Choose one of the following options:
    Assign picture, go to a
    Assign ringtone, go to b

    a) Assign picture
    Press Menu
    Press Edit contact
    Press Camera

    To take a new picture:
    Press Camera
    Point the camera lens at the required object and press the lens icon to take the picture
    Press the confirm icon

    To use a saved picture:
    Press Gallery
    Go to the required folder
    Press the required picture
    Drag the frame to the required position to select the required detail
    Press Save
    Press Save

    b) Assign ringtone
    Press Ringtone
    Press the required ringtones to listen to them
    Once you have found a ringtone you like, press Apply

  8. Exit
    Press the Home key to return to standby mode

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