Htc sensation-set up exchange email

Follow these instructions to set up the phone for Exchange email.

  1. Find Access Point Names
    Press the menu icon
    Press Settings
    Press Wireless & networks
    Press Mobile networks
    Press Access Point Names

  2. Create new data connection
    Press the Menu key
    Press New APN

  3. Enter data connection name
    Press Name
    Key in EMAIL GPRS and press OK

  4. Enter APN
    Press APN
    Key in and press OK

  5. Enter username
    Press Username
    Key in user and press OK

  6. Enter password
    Press Password
    Key in pass and press OK

  7. Enter country code
    Press MCC
    Key in 234 and press OK

  8. Enter network code
    Press MNC
    Key in 30 and press OK

  9. Select authentication
    Press Authentication type
    Press PAP

  10. Save and activate data connection
    Press the Menu key
    Press Save
    Press the field next to EMAIL GPRS to mark it
    Press the Home key to return to standby mode

  11. Find Exchange ActiveSync
    Press the menu icon
    Press Mail

  12. Create new email account
    If email accounts have been created already:
    Press the Menu key
    Press More
    Press New account
    Press Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

  13. Enter email address
    Press Email address and key in your email address

  14. Enter password
    Press Password and key in the password
    Press Next

  15. Enter server address
    Press the field below Server address and key in the server address

  16. Enter domain name
    Press the field below Domain and key in the domain name

  17. Enter username
    Press the field below Username and key in the username

  18. Activate or deactivate SSL encryption
    Press This server requires an encrypted SSL connection to activate or deactivate SSL encryption
    When the box next to the menu item is ticked (V), the function is activated
    Press Next

  19. Select data types
    Press Mail, Contacts and Calendar to activate or deactivate synchronisation
    When the box next to the menu item is ticked (V), synchronisation is activated

  20. Select settings for retrieval of new email messages
    Press Push mail, Every 15 minutes or Manually
    Press Next

    Please note: The phone makes a call for which you will be charged every time the phone connects to the server to synchronise.

  21. Enter email account name
    Key in a name for your email account (e.g. Private or Work)
    Press Finish setup

  22. Exit
    Press the Home key to return to standby mode

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