Htc wildfire s-diverting calls to voicemail

Incoming calls can be diverted to your voicemail or to any other number.

You can select the type of calls you want to divert, e.g. all calls, all missed calls or when the line is busy.

Follow these instructions to select divert settings for voice calls.

1. Find Call forwarding

  • Press the menu icon
  • Press Settings
  • Press Call
  • Press Call forwarding

2. Select divert type

  • After a moment the current settings are displayed
  • Press one of the following options:
    • Always forward
    • Forward when busy
    • Forward when unanswered
    • Forward when unreachable

3. Choose option

Choose one of the following options:

  • Activate divert, go to 3a
  • Deactivate divert, go to 3b

Step 3a - Activate divert

  • Key in the required number and press Enable
  • If you selected Forward when unanswered:
  • Press the drop down list below Delay
  • Press the required delay
  • The request is sent

3b - Deactivate divert

  • Press Disable
  • The request is sent

4. Exit

  • Press the Home key to return to standby mode

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