Samsung s5230-take a picture

It's easy to take a picture on your Samsung S5230, just follow these simple steps.

1. Activate the camera

  • Press the Camera key to activate the camera
  • If the video recorder is activated:
    • Press the video recorder icon
    • The display shows what the camera lens is pointing at

2. Take a picture

  • Point the camera lens at the required object and press the Camera key
  • The picture is automatically saved
  • If required, press the Return key to return to the camera

Step 3. Select option

  • Besides taking pictures as described in step 2, you have a number of other options
  • Choose one of the following options:
    • Activate or deactivate smile detection, go to 3a
    • Activate or deactivate picture sequence, go to 3b
    • Activate or deactivate panorama, go to 3c
    • Activate or deactivate mosaic, go to 3d
    • Activate or deactivate frames, go to 3e
    • Select white balance settings, go to 3f
    • Activate or deactivate self-timer, go to 3g
    • Select brightness settings, go to 3h

3a - Activate or deactivate smile detection

  • Press the shooting mode icon
  • Press Smile shot or Single

3b - Activate or deactivate picture sequence

  • Press the shooting mode icon
  • Press Continuous or Single

3c - Activate or deactivate panorama

  • Press the shooting mode icon
  • Press Panorama or Single

3d - Activate or deactivate mosaic

  • Press the shooting mode icon
  • Press Mosaic or Single
  • If you select Mosaic:
    Press the required mosaic

3e - Activate or deactivate frames

  • Press the shooting mode icon
  • Press Frame or Single
  • If you select Frame:
    Press the required frame

3f - Select white balance settings

  • Press the white balance icon
  • Press Auto or the required setting

3g - Activate or deactivate self-timer

  • Press the self timer icon
  • Press Off or the required number of seconds

3h - Select brightness settings

  • Press the brightness icon
  • Press + or - to select the required brightness

4. Exit

  • Press Disconnect to return to stand-by mode

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