Samsung s5230-turn call waiting on and off

When Call waiting is activated, a signal will sound if you receive a call while you are on the phone. Follow these instructions to activate or deactivate Call waiting on your Samsung S5230.

Please note:
If you are a Pay as you go customer, you can activate Call waiting and hear when you have a second call. You can only answer the new call, however, if you end the ongoing call.

1. Find Call waiting

  • Press Menu
  • Press Settings
  • Press Application settings
  • Press Call
  • Press Voice call
  • Press Call waiting

2. Activate or deactivate

  • After a moment, the current setting is displayed
  • Press Activate or Deactivate
  • A request is sent and after a moment, the status of the divert is displayed

3. Exit

  • Press Disconnect to return to stand-by mode

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