Samsung s5230-change memory card

It's easy to change the memory card on your Samsung S5230, just follow these simple steps.

1. Remove the back cover

  • Turn the back of the phone towards you
  • Slide the back cover downwards and remove the back cover

2. Remove the battery

  • Take hold of the right side of the battery and remove it

3. Remove the memory card

  • Gently press the memory card and remove the memory card of the phone

4. Insert new memory card

  • Turn the memory card as illustrated in the phone
  • Slide the memory card into the holder and press it until it clicks into place

5. Insert battery

  • Place the battery in the phone (top first), aligning the battery contacts with the corresponding contacts in the phone, and press the battery into place

6. Replace the back cover

  • Place the back cover on the phone with a few millimetres opening at the top and slide the back cover upwards until it clicks into place

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