Samsung s5230-change network type

When you turn on the phone, it automatically selects a network within range. In certain circumstances, it might be useful to select a network manually, for example when you are abroad where different networks are available (depending on which operators Orange or T-Mobile have roaming agreements with). Follow these instructions to select a network manually on your Samsung S5230.

1. Find Select network

  • Press Menu
  • Press Settings
  • Press Network settings
  • Press Select network

2. Activate manual network selection

  • Press Manual
  • Press Select

3. Select network

  • The phone searches for networks within range and after a few seconds, a list of options is displayed
  • Press the required network
  • After a moment the display shows whether you have access to the selected network. If the display shows that you do not have access to the selected network, it is because Orange or T-Mobile do not have a roaming agreement with the network operator

Step 4. Exit

  • Press Disconnect to return to stand-by mode

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