Sony xperia e-activate offline mode

It's very straightforward to activate offline mode on your Sony Xperia E, just follow these simple steps.

Turning the phone function on and off

In many countries, you're required by law to turn off the phone while on board an aircraft. One way to turn off the phone function is to switch your phone to Airplane mode. When you enable Airplane mode, all wireless radios on your phone are turned off, including the phone function, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

Enabling or disabling Airplane mode

  • From the Home screen, tap the All applications button and then scroll to and tap Settings then More...
  • Select the Airplane mode check box to enable or disable Airplane mode. When enabled, the Airplane mode icon displays in the status bar

Tip - when you disable Airplane Mode, the phone function is turned back on and the previous state of Bluetooth and WiFi is restored.

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