How to assemble your Sony Xperia S

When you get your new Sony Xperia S out of the box, here's how to put it together.

To remove the back cover

Using your thumbs, press down on the back cover, then slide it upwards.

To insert the Micro SIM card

Remove the back cover, then insert the micro SIM card into its slot with the gold coloured contacts facing down.

To remove the Micro SIM card

    Turn off your phone
  1. Remove the back cover
  2. Place a fingernail in the gap at the bottom end of the micro SIM card, then push the card upwards
  3. Press down on the top end of the card and drag it out

To attach the back cover

  1. Place the back cover over the back of the phone, then fit it into the slots
  2. Slide the cover towards the bottom end of the phone. You'll hear a sound when the back cover locks into place

And you're done!

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