Sony Xperia Z5 - Add an email address

Find out how to add an email address, just follow these simple steps.

  • from the homescreen, tap on All Apps
  • tap Email
  • enter your Email address and tap Next
  • enter your Email password
    o    If it is a Google account, select Sign in with Google below the username and follow the prompts
    o    If further settings are required, tap Manual setup
    select what type of account: Exchange, POP or IMAP

Incoming server settings

  • Username = Customer's username
  • Password = customer's password
  • POP3 server = Enter server address
  • Security type = Select from drop down list
  • Port = Enter port number
    Delete email from server = Customers choice
  • Tap Next

Outgoing server settings

  • SMTP server = Enter server address
  • Port = Enter port number
  • Security type = Select from drop down list
  • Require sign-in = Tick
  • Username = Customer's username
  • Authentication= Customer's password
  • Tap Next

New account

  • Sync schedule = Customer's choice
  • Days to sync = Customer's choice
  • Download attachments = Customer's choice
  • Tap Next


  • Sound options = Customer's choice
  • Tap Next

Finish email

  • Account name = Customer's choice
  • Your name = Customer's choice
  • Tap Finish Setup

You should now be able to add an email address.

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