Our communities

we aim to have a positive impact on communities

    We're focusing on building digital skills

    We care about the communities where we operate and support them through our people and our business. We encourage our employees to use their enthusiasm and skills to support the causes they care about through volunteering and fundraising. In 2011 over 2,000 of our people got directly involved in supporting their community.

    It's key that our community activity supports our overall responsibility goals and addresses the areas where we believe we can make the biggest difference. We therefore deliver specific programmes that enable our people to get involved in activities that share connectivity and build the digital skills of people across the UK. These programmes include EE Digital Champions and employee volunteering opportunities which focus on building digital skills.

    Building a responsible business

    The environment

    We're reducing the footprints we leave on the planet - and helping our customers do the same.

    Building trust

    We want to deliver the best network and service so our customers trust us with their digital lives.

    Getting connected

    We're doing all we can to help everyone in the UK get online and make the most of being connected.