Responsible network

We want to deliver the best network


We're the largest UK mobile operator and in 2012 became the first to roll out mobile 4G in the UK. With billions of voice minutes, messages and megabytes delivered through our network every year we need to make sure we run it in a responsible way.

It's essential that our network is strong, robust and fit to serve the needs of the 21st century customer. This means providing adequate coverage that can cope with the data demands in peak areas and at peak times. 

In managing such a large infrastructure we need to make sure we’re dealing with any issues and responding to feedback related to network hiccups:

  • it's essential we deploy our network in a responsible manner. This means being respectful in where we place masts and talking to the communities affected. We also need to make sure the people who work on our network are safe. You can read more about Responsible and Safe Deployment below
  • we also understand some people may have concerns about health issues related to mobile phones and the network. You can read more about Mobiles, Masts and Health Issues below

How we make a difference

Being responsible

We're committed to building trust and sharing the power of connectivity with everyone in the UK.

The environment

We're reducing the footprints we leave on the planet - and helping our customers do the same.

Our communities

We care about communities where we operate and support them through our people and our business.