Our approach

We take our responsibilities very seriously

Our responsibility strategy

    We developed our strategy through a detailed assessment of our business, our potential risks and our performance in the responsibility space.

    Our strategy addresses our most important issues and outlines what we want to stand for. We have a robust management process which starts at the top – our strategy is signed off by Olaf Swantee, CEO, and our responsibility chief is chief of staff, Stephen Harris.

    • priority issues are assigned a chief level sponsor who has ultimate responsibility for that issue. Chiefs then recommend a dedicated team member to be the issue owner to work with the responsibility team and deliver any required improvements
    • the responsibility team monitors progress and meets with relevant issue owners, the responsibility chief and the board regularly to advance improvements
    • the team keeps an eye on the responsibility landscape to identify any emerging issues, or existing issues where further activity is needed
    • the team works with core teams across the business, including brand and retail, to develop initiatives and programmes

    Our targets

    To support our commitment we have three ambitious goals in the areas where we believe we can make the biggest positive difference to Britain. By 2015 we will:

    1. improve the digital skills of one million people
    2. recruit 500 apprentices into our business
    3. reduce our carbon emissions and waste to landfill by 50% against our 2010 baseline

    We have also set KPIs and targets for each of our responsibility issue areas which you can read about in our Responsibility Report.

    Our external advisory board

    In 2013 we established EE’s External Advisory Board to help us develop and improve our responsibility activity. The board is composed of senior business leaders and sustainability specialists who meet twice a year to share their views. We invite the board to provide feedback on what we do well and the areas where we can improve. We’re committed to integrating the views of the board into our activity and will also use the board as a forum where we can share our ideas for the future.

    The board is chaired by Marc Allera, EE chief of sales and Stephen Harris, chief corporate and strategy officer. The board members are:

    • Baroness Lane-Fox, Chair, Go ON UK
    • Justine Roberts, CEO, Mumsnet
    • Dr Alan Knight, Sustainability Director, Business in the Community
    • Hugh Jones, Managing Director, Advisory, Carbon Trust
    • Roger Darlington, Consumer affairs and communications industry specialist

    Please note the board has no official or separate legal/corporate status; it is an informal group set up by EE to provide assistance and advice to the business.

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