Our supply chain

We're committed to working with responsible suppliers

We're committed to the highest standards

We strive to go beyond basic social and environmental regulations to meet the highest standards in our supply chain, expected by our customers and the companies we work with.

Through a stringent selection and contracting process, we ensure our suppliers are fully incorporated into our commitment. We have a Supplier Ethical Charter, which forms a part of all our suppliers’ contracts. The Charter sets out the minimum social, environmental and ethical standards expected, whilst respecting the cultural, ethical, social, political and legal diversity of nations and societies in which we operate.

We've asked our biggest suppliers to complete a self-assessment process - and we plan to work with a number of these suppliers to help them better engage their supply chain on key issues.

Alongside our Supplier Ethical Charter sits our Modern Slavery Statement  - this is EE’s formal statement as required under the Modern Slavery Act 2015, legislation required to summarise EE’s approach to prohibit any form of forced labour or slavery throughout our supply chain. EE Limited (EE) is a subsidiary of British Telecommunications plc (BT) and as such EE has aligned its Modern Slavery Statement with BT.

Finally, here is our statement on Extractive Minerals. This clarifies our commitment to standards regarding the illegal trade of natural resources, especially minerals, commonly called ‘conflict minerals’.

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Building a responsible business

The environment

We're reducing the footprints we leave on the planet - and helping our customers do the same.

Our communities

We care about communities where we operate and support them through our people and our business.

Getting connected

We're doing all we can to help everyone in the UK get online and make the most of being connected.