Public policy

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Championing world class connectivity for the UK

We are committed to building support for policies that will help deliver world class connectivity for the UK and the social and economic benefits it brings. For example, a report from Capital Economics found that the rollout of 4G could add 0.5% to GDP and create 150,000 jobs. 

We’ve invested nearly £17 billion since 2000 to build a 21st century digital infrastructure for Britain fit to serve the needs of consumer and businesses and ensure the UK economy can compete effectively on the global stage. We’re investing in customer service and our communities, on-shoring over 1,000 new customer service roles to the UK, welcoming 1,300 apprentices into our business and running programmes to improve the digital skills of 1 million people.

We have three policy priorities

Addressing barriers to efficient connectivity

Tackling the arcane and burdensome regulation that makes it more expensive to run a network in the UK than elsewhere in Europe.

Allowing competition to drive customer value

UK consumers enjoy the most competitive market in Europe. Policy makers should recognise that competition – not regulation – is best placed to deliver great value for consumers.

Supporting UK leadership and innovation

The UK is a hot bed of innovation in Europe, and policy makers should advocate policies that drive UK innovation and leadership.



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