API connectivity

Your customers are our customers – let's offer them more with APIs

We have transformed our business with a state of the art API platform. APIs power our digital estate, new products and propositions, and have taken our existing partner business to the next level. Through our APIs you can already verify your customers, charge them and personalise the service you offer. That's just the start...

Expanding catalogue

We’re constantly growing our API portfolio and are currently rolling out the platform and methodology across our entire business.

Development space

Get to know the software and possibilities in our developer sandbox, complete with everything you need to know about our APIs.

Innovate through APIs

We have an agile API development team and a pipeline driven by partner demand. If you don’t see the APIs you want, get in touch.

Developer Portal

Via our Developer Portal you can connect to our API catalogue, empowering you to innovate with the UK’s smartest and largest telecommunications network.

Get in touch

Say hello and start your journey with us.

Get in touch

Say hello and start your journey with us.