Connected Retail

Become as connected
as your customers

Mobile is changing everything

Mobile technology is changing how businesses, such as retailers, banks and restaurants, interact with their customers, in-store and beyond. Using technology, customers seek a better, seamless experience across all channels:

  • 21% of shoppers try to get better deals using smartphones in-store
  • 43% read reviews
  • 31% compare  prices online

To encourage loyalty, businesses must create a unique experience for their customers, and communicate with them through mobile channels. 

Make your business totally mobile

Total Enterprise Mobility doesn’t mean just giving your workforce a smartphone, it also means using connectivity - mobile devices, applications, and data insights – to better engage with your customers. 

We’ve brought together unrivalled access to insight and data, vast tech experience, mobile devices and applications all over Public WiFi and our superfast network to help your business achieve total mobility in the superfast digital era.

At EE, we can help you:

Transform your customers' experience

Create a unique experience for your customers and communicate with them through mobile channels.

Improve employee efficiency

Make your workforce free to focus on customer service with tablets and customised apps with instant access to store, product, customer and competitor info.

Open up new revenue opportunities

Get insight into customers’ movements, journey patterns, demographic profiles and location-based digital behaviours to uncover new opportunities.

Make better operational decisions

Target your customers more accurately with extensive data and insight.

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Technology in the retail sector

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