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experience 5g

5G on EE brings you a wealth of new experiences – from being the ultimate gamer to walking down the tunnel with your team on match day. Discover the power of EE’s unbeatable 5G network.

Steph the ultimate gamer is 5GEE. Are you?


Defeating the lag is easy with a near instant connection. Watch how Steph smashes every level, and unlock your gaming passion with EE’s unbeatable 5G network.

Mia the everyday champ is 5GEE. Are you?

HIIT workouts in the park, a powerful 5GEE connection and a personal trainer miles away. See how Mia is keeping in shape and how you can power your passion with 5GEE on the UK’s best mobile network.

Find out how more people are following their passions with 5GEE

Lee the sneakerhead is 5GEE. Are you?

Trainer collecting. Lightning fast 5GEE. Lee’s dream team. See how he’s always ahead of the game and check out what 5GEE could do for your passion in his flawless story.

Ember Trio, the classical hip hop artists are 5GEE. Are you?

Music mash-ups. Instantly connecting 5GEE. The boys’ perfect duet. See how the Ember Trio turn collaboration into an art and check out what 5GEE could do for your passion in their perfectly in tune story.

Sojourn the skate queen is 5GEE. Are you?

Roller skating. Lag eliminating 5GEE. Sojourn’s perfect combination. See how she’s been seamlessly inspiring the nation to skate and witness what 5G could do for your passion in her awesome story.

Amazing AR experiences with 5GEE

Behind the tech: EE’s Skyline Gig

To get a taste of the exciting possibilities 5G on EE can bring, watch the magic of Rita Ora's AR gig across the skyline of London being created.

BT Sport Match Day Experience

Turn any surface into a virtual AR stadium

Ever wanted to manage your team on match day? The Match Day Experience app lets you view line-ups, formations and more. And with Party View, watch all BT Sport matches with your friends and family anywhere (available on mobile only).

World's first AR dress

World's first AR dress at the EE BAFTA awards

Watch the world’s first 5G-powered AR dress come to life on the red carpet. With 5G technology and AR, the dress has endless digital possibilities.


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