EE Network Claims & Recognition

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An unbeatable 5G network

Unbeatable 5G network

EE has been named an unbeatable 5G network for 5G by RootMetrics’ latest results.

Count on us again and again

UK’s best network, nine years in a row

RootMetrics reports show EE has won Overall Best Network for nine years running, and we're leading in the latest results for 2022.

Map showing our 5G coverage

5G in more major cities

EE has 5G in more major cities than any other mobile network operator in the UK.

Unbeatable network for gaming

Ratings provided by RootMetrics show EE is an unbeatable network for gaming.

EE’s mobile network performance in your city

Ratings provided by RootMetrics to show how EE compares to other networks in your city.

UK’s Most Reliable Network

Ratings provided by RootMetrics show that EE is the UK’s most reliable network with fewer dropouts than anyone else.