Final Orange example bill

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This is the date your bill is produced and will be ready to view. It is also the date your allowances refresh.

If you wish to reclaim the VAT, you'll need a VAT invoice.
Please call us to request one.

A summary of charges for this bill, including the total of any amount you owe and any VAT added which is calculated separately.

Any payments received or an amount still owed from a previous bill, and the total owed for your current bill.

The total amount you need to pay to clear your bill in full. This includes VAT.

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Below is information on how to pay your bill, and frequently asked questions about your bill.

If you do not have a Direct Debit set up on your account, you'll find a bank giro slip to make a payment on your bill.

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Your plan and bundles shows a summary of your monthly plan, refunds and services, including the amount they cost without VAT added.

Your final bill will also show any refunds (credits) we have refunded off your total amount due.

Any extras you've chosen to add to your account, eligible discounts and the cost without VAT, are all included in your total amount due.

Your final Orange bill also acts as your first EE bill, so will show a summary of your first month's EE plan charge(s).

A summary of how you used the allowance included in your monthly plan including texts and minutes used.

A summary of any usage not included in your monthly plan, including texts and minutes used.

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A summary of your data usage, including the amount used and the cost.

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