Paying for apps and tracks - an overview

If your phone uses a Google, Nokia, Windows or BlackBerry App store, you can buy apps and the cost gets added to your monthly bill or taken from your pay as you go credit.

It's quicker, easier, and safer than tapping in your card details and means all your phone costs sit in one manageable place.

Adding the cost of an app to your bill

Below is a list of app stores where you can pay for apps from your bill or pay as you go credit, and which EE, T-Mobile and Orange plans you can do it on. Please note you cannot do this on apps purchased from the Apple App store.

 App Store  OS Version  Brand App Billing Available On  Payment Types
 Google Play  Android 2.2 and above  EE & T-Mobile  One-off App Purchases
 In-app Purchases
 Windows Marketplace  Microsoft Windows WP7.5+ and above  EE, T-Mobile & Orange  One-off App Purchases
 In-app Purchases
 BlackBerry App World 2.1 and above (BBOS)  BlackBerry OS4.5 and above (not BlackBerry 10)  EE, T-Mobile & Orange  One-off App Purchases
 In-app Purchases
 BlackBerry World (BB10)  BlackBerry 10.0 and above (not BlackBerry OS)  EE & T-Mobile  One-off App Purchases
 In-app Purchases

 Nokia Store
 Nokia Music Store (previously Ovi)

 Symbian S40 and S60  Orange  One-off App Purchases

How to contact the app developer

Any questions you may have about non EE apps should be directed to the developer or company that has provided the App. To find out who to contact, log in to your app store account and click on the app you've purchased. Most apps will have some information which includes the developer's web page and a link to send the developer an email.

For example, on Android apps you need to select the app in My Apps - scroll to the bottom of the app page where you'll find the developer's contact details.

How to find out which apps you have bought

Log in to your app store account - here you'll be able to see a list of all the apps you've bought. For example, on Android if you log in to your app store you can select My Apps from your menu and see all the apps you've downloaded and installed to your device, including any apps you've downloaded that are not currently installed on your device.

Moving to a different operating system

Any app subscription you buy is not with the device, it's with the app store via your app store account. The subscription will stay active until you cancel it, even if you moved from an Android device to a Windows device.

If you're changing devices and moving to a different operating system (Android, BlackBerry, Windows) and no longer wish to have a subscribed app on your current device you must cancel that subscription or you will continue to be charged on your bill even if you move to another operating system.

Content for over 18s

The Android Play store doesn't permit any adult-related content. There are, however, some applications that allow customers to gamble. These gambling applications are free to download and the customer is verified through a credit card registration which is in line with existing legislation. Both the BlackBerry and Windows App stores verify age in their relevant accounts.

Download size limits

If the App being downloaded is over 20MB, most app stores will ask if you’d like to download using WiFi instead of using your mobile data allowance.

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