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How to check if an app you have purchased has a regular subscription

Log in to your app store and click on the app you've purchased, where you'll find info on the charge. Any app with a regular subscription would also be confirmed in the email you receive from your app store confirming the purchase.

If a developer agrees to refund my app purchase where will the refund go?

App refunds will be made to your app store account as a credit for you to spend against future app purchases - it will not go back onto your mobile bill as a credit, you will still be charged for the app on your mobile network bill.

Are there subscriptions as well as one-off charges, and if so will the subscription continue to come off my bill?

A subscription can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly; the details of the subscription will be on your payment account in the app store. If you chose to accept a regular subscription and pay on your mobile bill then it will be paid via your mobile bill at regular intervals until you cancel the subscription.

Are there any limits to how many apps I can add to my bill?

When you joined our network your account would have been given a credit threshold based on your credit check; this determines how many additional charges you can add to your bill. If you purchase enough apps to exceed your account credit threshold you may find your account is suspended, and you'll need to dial our IVR to make a payment against your account to unsuspend it.

You also need to be aware that T-Mobile and EE have a limit on how much you can spend on any one individual app purchase - which is £15 - so if you want an app that costs more than £15 you'll not be able to add it to your mobile network bill; you'll need to pay by credit/debit card.

Orange has a similar limit but it's £30 a month, meaning you won't be able to add more than £30 worth of additional app purchases to your mobile network bill in your monthly allowance cycle. If you reach the maximum limits you'll be asked to pay for the app by another method (credit/debit card/PayPal).

Is the data used to download the app included in the cost of the app?

No, data is charged at standard rates or included in your data allowance if you have one. Downloading over WiFi is always recommended to avoid excessive data charges when downloading apps, particularly large apps.

Can I choose not to charge apps to my bill?

Yes, when you set up your app store account you can select another method of payment and this will become the default method of payment you are shown for all future App purchases.

If you have already selected 'Mobile Network' as your preferred option you can log in to your app store account and change this in your settings. If you want to completely block this option from your app store you can have a content bar added to your mobile account by calling EE, Orange or T-Mobile.

How does an app purchase appear on my pay monthly bill?

This can vary depending on whether you use Android, Windows or BlackBerry. Normally the first 13 characters of the name of any Android apps purchased will appear on the Pay Monthly bill in the Services from other companies section; it can also appear as 'Application' without the name of the app.

If you need to confirm which apps you've purchased on your mobile bill you need to log in to your app store account and view how you paid for the apps purchased.

*Please note: App purchases will appear as a charge that already includes VAT (the VAT is applied to the individual charge and is not added to the total value of the bill.)

What if I want to claim the vat back on an app I've purchased?

You'll need to request this from the developer of the app.

What if I purchase an app and then change my mind and want to cancel the purchase?

On Android there is a 15 minute window within which you can change your mind and cancel the purchase. If you choose to cancel the purchase within 15 minutes you need to request a refund via the app itself by clicking on the app and selecting 'refund'.

The 15 minute 'cooling off' period is only available on Android; BlackBerry and Windows do not offer this service and this is made clear in their terms and conditions. If you want to cancel your purchase outside of the 15 minute window (Android) or immediately (Windows/BlackBerry) you will need to contact the app developer, which you can do by clicking on the app, where their email and website address will usually be listed.

Are the payments from the purchase of an app added to My EE immediately?

Once the 15 minute reserve window has passed for Android apps the charge is added to your Pay Monthly bill. For Windows and BlackBerry the charge is added immediately. You will need to pay for the app purchases when you receive your next bill.

Does app bill charging to my mobile bill work if WiFi is connected?

Yes, however the mobile data network must also be available so we can add the purchase to your mobile bill.

Can I buy from the app store if I am abroad?

Yes, roaming data charges may apply.

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