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Viewing your EE bill online is simple to do. Sign up for My Account and you'll get loads of options to help you manage your account with us.

You can review your last 12 bills and:

  • View charges outside your plan or allowance
  • Download your bill in PDF format
  • Order a paper bill. There is a small charge for this.  (See our Non Standard Price Guide for details)

Bill information you can get online

On the My Account home page you will see:

  • Your remaining allowance
  • Your current balance or how much you are in credit by
  • Your payment due date

Select Bills & payments in the left hand menu and look under My bills to get:

  • Your monthly plan charges
  • Your charges outside of your plan
  • Your amount due
  • Your payment due date

In the plan summary you can see

  • The component parts of your plan
  • Any add-ons you may have in your account
  • Any discounts
  • Any other regular charge like itemised or paper bill charges.

If you like to see things in details

  • In the itemisation section of your EE online bill, customers who have paid for a fully itemised bill will be able to see all their usage itemised here.  If not, you'll see charges that are out of bundle and charged as extra
  • You can view your bill as a summary or line by line
  • You can even sort your itemised bill by type of usage
  • By adding itemised billing to your account, you'll also be able to see your data usage when you log in to My Account online

To add itemised billing to your account, just give us a ring on 150 from your EE phone. The service costs £1.50 per month.

For multiple EE account holders

In addition to the Shared Summary, if you have more than one EE account and they were linked during the My Account registration process, you can also view the bills for your other EE accounts by selecting the device in the upper drop down box.

Manage your EE account details including

  • Change your billing email address
  • Change your postal address
  • Order a printed copy of your bill

New to EE? Your first bill explained

You'll receive your first EE bill within five to seven days from starting your new EE plan. Read what to expect, how to pay your bills and how your charges are calculated. Find out more >

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