Change my home broadband password

You can change the password you use to log in to your account or email online. To do this:

  1. Go to the Manage your account log in page.
  2. Enter your Home Broadband account username and password and select Log in.

  3. You'll be taken to the Manage your account home page - if you need help see our guide log in to your broadband, home phone and EE TV account.
  4. Select Change details.
  5. In the Protected information field, select change password - you may need to go to the bottom of the page and select MANAGE MY PROFILE to see the option.
  6. Enter your old password (the one you've just used to log in).
  7. Enter your new password and confirm your new password.
  8. Click Save to update your password.

If you've forgotten your broadband password for your account via My EE or email, you can reset it online.

Forgotten password

If you've forgotten your password:

  1. Go to the forgotten password page.
  2. Enter your Home Broadband username.
  3. Enter the letters displayed in the type here field - you can also click AUDIO to hear the letters.
  4. Click NEXT.

Preferred email set up

If you've set up a preferred email address for your account, we'll send you an email. This contains a link which lets you reset your password.

If the mail doesn't arrive, check your junk mail folder.

Preferred email not set up

If you haven't set up a preferred email address:

  1. Enter the answer to the security question and click NEXT - you chose when you first logged into your account via My EE (case sensitive).
  2. Enter a new password, confirm your password and click Finish.
  3. That's it - your password will be changed. You can log in to your account via My EE.

If you use our email service, the password for this will also change. Simply update your email program settings or log in to webmail with the new password.

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