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If you’re not already logged in to My EE, you’ll first need to do so before we can take you to the page.

Manage your bills and payments

See a breakdown of your last bill (including when payment is due) >
See if you have any extra charges on your bill this month  >
Set up or change a Direct Debit >
Set up or change a credit or debit card >

Manage your device

Take me to My EE to:

Unlock my phone >
Show me my PUK code >
Manage my Content Lock settings >
Manage more device services >

Manage your account settings

See or update your email address >
See or update your home address (also known as your billing address) >
See or update how you receive billing alerts >
See or update your numbers >

Manage account access on your plan

There are two types of access to My EE for a pay monthly plan -the bill payer and main user.

Bill payer (account holder): The person who pays for the plan every month, for example a partner or parent. This person can see bills and change the settings.

Main user: Someone who uses a device linked to the bill payer’s account, for example a partner  or child. They will not be able to see bills or change some of the settings.

How to update the bill payer settings:

1.    In My EE select Account settings.
2.    Select Change your numbers.
3.    Then select from the options provided.
4.    For new numbers you'll receive a code by text - enter this and you're good to go.

Change the bill payer settings now >

How to update the main user settings:

1.    In My EE, select the Device the user is using.
2.    Select the link which shows Manage this device >
3.    Select the tab Device usage controls

Change the main user settings now >

Find out more about  managing My EE on Orange, including changing account details and adding parental controls.

First you need to log in to My EE. Please select Orange Plan on the login screen and then type your username and password.

Note: Your username is your phone number.

Editing account details

If you need to update your account address, billing address or contact details, you will have access to it via the top bar navigation.

Just click on Your details and you'll see a column on the left hand side with all the details regarding the account you want to update. Click on this and follow the instructions.

Whenever you want to go back to the homepage you just need to click the cancel or back button on the bottom of each page - usually on the left.

Changing your four-digit ID

Before changing your four-digit ID please be aware that:

  • only the account holder can change the four-digit ID
  • the ID 0000 is not allowed

To change your four-digit ID, simply go to My EE. Once you've logged in, click on change your details and then change your four-digit ID.

Changing your card details

To change your card details log in to My EE and click on Top up & Extras and then manage your credit or debit cards.

Managing accounts as an account holder

If you're an account holder and manage the accounts for other people (your children or parents for example), you can add an account to your account by:

  • clicking on "Your account summary" on the top bar navigation and then Add a new account
  • or for easier and faster access, you can click Add a new account on the Quick links column on the right hand side.

If you want to remove an account from your account:

  • go to the top bar navigation, select Your account summary and click Manage your account. All the accounts linked to yours will be displayed, and you will have the ability to remove any of them.
  • or for easier and faster access, click Unlink account on the Quick links column on the right hand side.

Changing parental control

If you manage the account of your children, you may want to activate or deactivate the parental control - this controls the content they have access to.

Here's how to access the Safeguard parental control:

  1. The activation page can be accessed from the top bar navigation.
  2. Select Your details and click on Safeguard parental control.
  3. Or select on the Safeguard logo on your dashboard.

Log in to My EE >

Find out more about the different types of account access that are available in My EE - plus how to link a new number or change your address.

Linking a new number to My EE

Go to My EE > Account settings > My numbers

  1. Select Accounts settings in the menu.
  2. Select My numbers tab.
  3. Either add or update a mobile number and confirm whether or not you're the bill payer, user, or both.
  4. For new numbers, you will receive a PIN via text, enter this then you're good to go.

Changing your address

  1. Select Account settings in the menu.
  2. Select My address tab. Here you're able to update or add an email address or postal address.  Note: You can have up to three email addresses. All can be amended by clicking the edit button next to your choice.
  3. Don't forget to save your preferred email address by ticking the box I'm happy for My EE to contact me using this email.

Note: Your My EE email is the one you used to sign up to My EE. We use this email if we need to contact you and for sending your monthly bill notification.

Types of account access (pay monthly customers only)

There are two types of account access to My EE – bill payer and main user.

Bill payer (account holder)

If the bills are in your name, see them online by logging in to My EE.

  1. In My EE select Account settings.
  2. Select My numbers tab.
  3. Then tick I'm the bill payer.

Changing what the main user can do in My EE

  1. Once you've logged in to My EE, click Device for that user.
  2. Under Manage this device, click Usage Controls.

You can now select a range of privileges that you want to allow or block for this user.

Main users

As a user of the EE device you cannot view bills online, unless the bill payer gives you permission via My EE.

Log in to My EE > 

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