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You can add new services to your 4G phone plan. Our add-ons include extra minutes, texts, data, and photo messages.

For information on entertainment add-ons for Music, Games or TV visit our page on inclusive add-ons.

Managing your plan add-ons for pay monthly plans

  1. Login to My EE
  2. Click on Plan add-ons or Get add-ons under My EE top menu
  3. On the Your plan and add-ons page, scroll down to the add-ons area

You'll now see a list of your current add-ons, and any others that are available for your plan.

Adding or removing plan add-ons from your pay monthly plan

To remove an add-on from add-ons currently in use, click the REMOVE button next to that add-on. Or to buy an add-on, click BUY or BUY ANOTHER under Get add-ons.

You can review the details of the add-on before you confirm removal or addition.

Note: You can also buy a new data add-on on your EE phone or use the My EE app.

Getting new add-ons for pay as you go plans

Once you've chosen your data add-on, you can pay for minutes and texts as normal out of your credit, but to get the best value we recommend buying an add-on for these too. Data, text and minutes add-ons last for up to 30 days, so you're not tied to a specific amount every month.

Buying minutes and text add-ons

To buy minutes and text add-ons go to My EE or use the My EE app to get your add-ons and find out what it costs.

Remember, you might need to top up first. You can text BA to 150 at any time to check your credit or text AL to 150 to check your remaining minutes and text allowances.

Buying data add-ons

If your data runs out, you can simply buy more. Just follow these steps:

  1. Head to on your EE device to buy an add-on
  2. On the Purchase page, select the add-on you want and click BUY

If you’re on a pay as you go plan, remember you might need to top up in My EE first.   

Log in to My EE >

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