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Nobody likes unexpected bills. So on EE, we make sure you never get any. We'll send you an SMS when you’re at the end of one of your allowances for data, calls and any add-ons like roaming, so you can always stay in control of your costs.

You can also keep track of your usage at any time and buy add-ons with My EE.

You can opt out if you send STOPALERTS to 150.

Stay in control of your data bill

Our data cap stops you from ever getting an unexpected data bill. We cap your data allowance so that you never have to pay for going over your allowance. We also send you an SMS when this happens, so you can buy an add-on if you need extra data. 

When do I receive these alerts?

We endeavour to send you the SMS as soon as possible once you've used 100% of your allowance. The SMS can have a maximum 2 hour delay, but may be received sooner. This is the time it may take us to see you've used up all your allowance. 

Can I have an alert before I use up all my allowance?

By default, we send all our customers an SMS to tell them they've used all of their allowance. If you want to know that you are nearing the end of your allowance, you can opt in to receive SMS when you reach 80% of your allowance. To do that, you need text UPDATEME to 150. You will then receive a weekly SMS with a summary update of your remaining allowance and an SMS notifying you that you reached 80% of your allowance besides the 100% usage alert. 

What happens when I use 100% of my allowance? Am I blocked from using my phone?

When you use 100% of your monthly plan allowance for data, we stop you using more data unless you choose to buy a data pass.

When you use 100% of any other monthly allowances you have on calls or picture messages, whether included in your plan or in your add-ons, we let you know. You are still able to use your phone to make calls or send picture messages, but you will be charged for your usage at our standard out-of-bundle rates.

To stay in control of your bill, please check your usage in My EE regularly and if you use any of your limited allowances up, buy one of our add-ons which will give you much better rates and save you money on your bill.


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