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We're making some changes to the terms and conditions for your EE plan regarding the notification of price changes. The new terms will take effect from 26 March 2014.

Please see below the updated clause which details one of the instances in which you have the right to cancel your plan without charge, as a result of a price change. We have given You Written Notice of an increase in a Price Plan Charge under point 7.1.4 and (i) the increase in Your Price Plan Charge (as a percentage) is higher than the annual percentage increase in the Retail Price Index (RPI) published by the Office for National Statistics (calculated using the most recently published RPI figure before we give you Written Notice under 7.1.4); and (ii) You give Us notice to immediately cancel this Agreement before the change takes effect.

You can view your new terms and conditions in full here.

We also recommend that you download and save a copy of the new terms and conditions for your reference.


What is the change?

The new terms mean that if we increase your price plan charge above the latest rate of inflation (measured by the latest published RPI figure at the time of notification) you can cancel your plan without charge. From now on, if you receive a notification from us about a price change like this, you can be sure that we are using the most recent RPI figure. 

Why have you changed the terms?

We've clarified our terms to offer customers more certainty and transparency in the event of us making any changes to your price plan charge. 

Who is affected by the new terms?

The new terms and conditions affect all customers who joined or upgraded to a T-Mobile plan on or after 30 October 2012 and before 23 January 2014.

When will the new terms take effect?

The new terms will take effect from 26 March 2014.

What is RPI?

RPI or the Retail Price Index is a measure of inflation published by the Office of National Statistics.  You can find out more information about RPI at www.statistics.gov.uk/

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Your mobile plan’s monthly recurring charge will increase by RPI in March each year. If you choose to cancel your mobile plan, for whatever reason, during the first 12 months of your minimum term, you will continue to be responsible for the broadband plan and lose your broadband discount. Loyalty & Retentions: If you’re invited to participate in this promotion by one of our telesale agents, if you choose to exercise your legal right to a 14 day cooling off period you must tell us if you wish to cancel the mobile and the broadband plan at the same time. If you cancel the mobile plan but wish to continue getting the broadband plan, you will lose the benefit of the £9.95 monthly discount.

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