Annual upgrade

Why wait two years to get the newest iPhone? With Annual Upgrade you get the freedom to upgrade after 12 months. There are no early upgrade fees or hidden charges - just the phone you want, without the waiting.

No more two-year waits

Annual upgrade is included free of charge on eligible 4GEE Max plans when you take an eligible device (from 9 September, 2016 onwards).

Early upgrades without the fuss

Getting the newest phone is easy. After 12 months you just bring your current handset to one of our stores, and providing it’s in good working order, you can hand it back and upgrade there and then.

We’ll let you know when you are eligible to upgrade and we’ll be back in touch to let you know how to make things as speedy as possible (how to back up your phone and other helpful hints)

You can exercise this early upgrade option if:

  • You have had an eligible 4GEE Max Plan for at least 12 consecutive months and it is at least 12 months since your last upgrade
  • Your EE account is paid up to date
  • You upgrade to a new 24 month EE pay monthly plan
  • The monthly payment for your new plan is be at least the same as or higher than the monthly payment for your current plan. Standard eligibility rules apply.
  • You upgrade in an EE store.
  • You return your current phone to us in good working condition, if not charges will apply, see below
  • If you do not wish to return your current phone to us when you upgrade, you will be charged in accordance with our charges, see below.

‘Make-up’ charges for damaged devices to fulfil an annual upgrade are correct as of 9 September 2016. See terms and conditions.


Phone model Damage type
Major scratches / damage to keys / buttons Cracked / chipped screen Does not power up No device to trade in (e.g. wish to keep device) / beyond
economical repair / unauthorised repair carried out
 Google Pixel 2 £100  £240
 Google Pixel 2 XL  £310
 iPhone 7  £240
 iPhone 7 Plus  £310
 iPhone 8  £240
 iPhone 8 Plus  £310
 Samsung Galaxy S8  £240
 Samsung Galaxy S8 +  £310
 Samsung Note 8  £310

If you have insurance you can choose whether to make a claim, subject to your policy, or pay the make-up charge.

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