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You'll benefit from Apple Music on EE free for six months. 

Towards the end of your offer period we’ll send you a message telling you when it will end and reminding you how to cancel your offer. 

At the end of your free six months we'll advise you that you're now paying for the service through EE. 

You can cancel Apple Music on EE in two ways: 

  • by texting STOP MUSIC to 150
  • by calling Customer Services on 150.

If you text STOP MUSIC to 150 during your free period, Apple Music on EE will be removed immediately. If you cancel before the end of your free period, you won’t be able to add Apple Music on EE again later. 

If you text STOP MUSIC to 150 after moving to £9.99 per month, Apple Music on EE will be removed from your next bill date. You can continue using Apple Music for the period you have already paid for. We’ll then contact you again once the service has been removed.

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