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You can get Apple Music on EE within 30 days of joining or upgrading - if you choose an EE pay monthly or SIM only phone plan.

The offer is for both consumer and small business customers (commercial use isn't allowed). And you have to be using an Apple or Android device.

This offer is NOT available on a tablet plan but you can use Apple Music on your tablet using your Apple ID if you have the Apple Music on EE add-on on your pay monthly or SIM only phone plan.  

To take advantage of Apple Music on EE you must have: 

  • a pay monthly or SIM only consumer or small business phone plan
  • an active Apple Music on EE subscription
  • a compatible Apple (iOS 8 or later) or Android (4.3 or later) device 
  • access to a WiFi or a data connection to stream or download Apple Music, Radio and Connect 
  • an Apple ID and password.
  • the Apple Music app installed on your device.

An Apple ID can be used on multiple devices but it isn't possible to stream live music on more than one device at a time.

Text MUSIC to 150

within 30 days of the start of your contract. We’ll send you a text with a link so you can get set up straight away.


Sorry, but our six months free Apple Music membership offer is only available to customers who've upgraded with or joined EE on a pay monthly or SIM only phone plan on an iOS or Android device in the last 30 days. If you’re outside of this, you can still become an Apple Music member directly with Apple. Just visit the Apple website for more info.

Data usage

The amount of data you'll use when streaming over the EE network depends on: 

  • your device
  • the streaming bit-rate
  • the type of data connection you're using
  • internet coverage and traffic on our network.

The more you stream or download on the app, the more data you'll use.  

Typically, streaming music for one hour on our 3G or 4G network uses approximately 110MB of data. However when streaming or downloading on WiFi it won’t use your data allowance. 

If you're concerned about data usage, you can download music over a WiFi connection and listen to this while on the move.

Our usage alerts mean you'll never go over your data limit by accident, so there are never any surprise data bills. 

If you want even more data to make the most of Apple Music, you can sign up for Home Broadband with EE to get a Data Boost of 5GB each month.

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