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How roaming data add-ons work

You can only buy a roaming data add-on when you arrive abroad and with EE you’ll only ever be charged for the data you choose so there’s no chance of an unexpected bill.

Depending on the country you’re visiting, you buy an add-on using the browser your phone or by sending us a text message. You’ll get full details in the text message you receive from EE when you switch your phone on abroad.

Once you’ve bought a roaming data add-on, you’ll be able to get online and use apps while you’re abroad. It’s easy to keep track of how much data you’ve got left and how long you’ve got left to use it too. Just browse to on your EE device.

There’s a range of add-ons available to suit what you want to do online.

With all our roaming data add-ons you also get access to 4G on 80 networks abroad and growing. Just make sure you have 4G switched on in your device settings.

Why do I need a roaming data add-on?

With a roaming data add-on, you can't run up a big bill using the internet abroad because you’ll only ever be charged for the data add-ons you choose. We'll get in touch when the add-on runs out, and give you the option to buy another.

If you don't buy a roaming data add-on, you simply won't be able to use the mobile network to access the internet while you're abroad and you won’t be charged a penny.

Which roaming data add-on to choose

If you’re travelling in Europe you can choose Euro Pass (£4) or Euro Data Pass (£3) - both include 500MB of data a day - or Euro Data Pass (£1), which gives you 50MB of data for a fixed fee of £1 a day. Or you can choose one of our standard roaming data add-ons. Use our roaming tool to check out all the options here.

How to get a roaming data add-on

Before you go or while you're abroad:

  • £1 Euro Data Pass - text EURO to 150
  • Euro Pass - text EUROPASS to 150
  • Euro Data Pass - text EURODATA to 150

If you're travelling outside Europe use our roaming tool to check out the roaming costs and options for your destination.

EE Extra Plan

If you have 4GEE WiFi, or a tablet on an EE Extra Plan, we're giving you 100MB of free roaming data each month for you to use in the EU.

Once you've used this up, we won't start charging - we'll just ask if you want to buy another roaming add-on.

To buy more data you'll need to visit

Find out more about roaming >

View the list of European countries included in the EU roaming zones >

Some tips about using data

  • Streaming videos or music, playing online games, and uploading or downloading files all use lots of data. It can eat through your roaming data add-on really quickly
  • To keep your data use down while you're abroad, just do simple things like checking Facebook once a day or looking up an important football score
  • Lots of apps use mobile data in the background even when you’re not using them. To get the most out of your data add-on, check your device’s settings for which apps can use data in the background.

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