Roaming using your phone abroad

Using your phone, tablet or laptop when outside of the UK is called roaming. You'll be charged extra for some services.

To find out the costs while abroad for your calls, text and data click here:

Check if your device is set up for roaming

All EE phones and devices are automatically set up to use abroad unless you have requested not to be able to roam.

To check that your Orange or T-Mobile phone is set up to be used outside the UK, click here

Using data with 4GEE and T-Mobile plans

  • If you're on a 4GEE or T-Mobile plan you can't use your data abroad unless you buy an add-on or Booster. This means there is no chance of running up an unexpected bill.
  • If you want to access data, make sure data roaming is switched on and open your internet browser.
  • You'll be prompted to buy a data add-on as soon as you try to go online.
  • If your data runs out, the next time you try to use the internet you'll see a screen where you can buy another add-on or Booster.
  • If you are a pay as you go customer, you will need to have topped up enough credit to get an add-on or Booster.

Using data with Orange plans

  • You'll receive a text message when you first turn your phone on at your destination. This will tell you how much it costs to use your phone wherever you are.
  • If you start using data you'll receive a text message telling you that you're using data, and how much that data costs per MB. This message will also tell you about the available daily data bundle for where you are. We recommend you buy our bundles – they'll save you money.

For more information, check out our roaming pages.

Checking your data usage

You can log in to your account to check your data usage abroad.

Use our roaming tool to find out what it costs to make calls, send texts, use data and access your voicemail when you're in another country. It also shows your choice of add-ons (for EE), bundles (for Orange) or Boosters (for T-Mobile) to suit you and your trip abroad, and lots more useful information. Purchasing one of these will always save you money.

To find out how to purchase them, click here.

While you are abroad

Getting connected when you are abroad is easy

When you switch on your device at your destination you'll automatically connect to one of the local networks in that country. The network's name, code name or number should show on your screen. You won't be charged unless you make a call, send a text or connect to data.

If you don't connect automatically you can set the network manually – just go to Settings and then Network selection on your device, choose Manual and you'll be able to see all our available partner networks.

If you're calling or texting back to the UK make sure you add the UK country code +44, and remove 0 at the beginning of the number you are dialling.

Listening to voicemail

If you're in Europe you won't get charged if someone leaves you a voicemail. You'll only pay the per-minute roaming rate if you listen to your voicemail while you're abroad.

Outside Europe you'll be charged the per-minute rate for making a call when you listen to your voicemail. You'll also be charged when someone leaves you a voicemail unless you divert all calls to voicemail, or switch off your device when you're travelling.

Setting up your voicemail

EE and T-Mobile customers

All you need to check your voicemail from abroad is a PIN, which is easy to set up. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Call your voicemail before you leave
  2. Choose option 3, then press 3 (or for T-Mobile plans option 2, then press 1) and follow the instructions about changing your PIN
  3. Enter a number between four and 10 digits. Try to make it something you'll remember easily.

You can then check your messages by calling your voicemail from your EE or T-Mobile phone or by calling from any other phone and dialling +44 7953 222222. Just enter your PIN when asked.

If you don't want to use a PIN to check your voicemail messages when you're in the UK, you can switch it off in the change your personal options menu of voicemail.

Note: If you use Visual Voicemail abroad, data used to download Visual Voicemail messages is charged at the standard roaming rate for your plan.

Orange customers

Your voicemail is automatically set up to use abroad. If you want to check your voicemail, just call the Orange Answer Phone number in the usual way.  (Call charges will apply)

To find out more about voicemail click here.

Money saving tips when travelling

Using your phone abroad doesn't have to cost the earth. Follow these tips:

  • Buy roaming add-ons or bundles to save money on calls, texts and internet browsing - they will save you money
  • Make sure you know how to turn data roaming on and off on your phone - this allows you to access the internet and some apps from abroad. Visit our Devices Help section to find out how to do this on your phone, tablet or laptop, it's usually in your Settings.
  • Use local free WiFi wherever you can
  • Don't call premium or non-geographic numbers. Premium numbers in the UK normally start with a special code such as 0900. Non-geographic numbers don't have an area code and, in the UK, they start with numbers from 04 to 09. These numbers can be very expensive, so beware.

To find out the costs while abroad for your calls, texts and data click here:

How to contact us while you are away

EE plans

If you need to talk to us while you're away just call +44 7953 966 250.
To make this call you'll be charged the standard roaming rate for where you are.

Orange plans

If you need to get in touch with us while you're away, have a question about billing or need help with your phone, just give us a ring.

Pay monthly plans: Call +44 7973 100 150.
Call charges will depend on the network you use to make the call.

Pay as you go plans: Call +44 7973 100 450 from your Orange phone.
It's free to use our self-service options, or you can speak to one of our customer service advisors for 25p

T-Mobile plans

You can call +44 7953 966 150 for customer services while you're abroad.
Calls are charged at international rates from the country you're in.


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