Video calling

With video calling you can use the camera on your device to see who you're calling as well as hear and speak to them.

This service is called FaceTime on an iPhone.



Video calling is not available from EE.
When you use this service on an EE phone it will be charged through your data allowance.


For video calling costs on an Orange device see our price prices below.

Pay monthly Price guide.

Pay as you go Price guide.

Non-standard pay monthly Price guide.


For video calling costs on a T-Mobile plan see here.

Please be aware that video calling uses more data than voice calls.


Video Messaging is a service from Orange that lets you record and send a video clip to anyone with a compatible phone.
If your friends and family don't have a compatible phone they will receive a text instead with details of how to view your message.
You can also send a video message to an email address.

Video messaging cost

For video messaging costs read our price guides:

Pay monthly Price guide.

Pay as you go Price guide.


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