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Clone Phone Fully Loaded

The cost of Clone Phone Fully Loaded on EE, Orange and T-Mobile plans is £6 - £14 a month* plus excess fee**.

The small print

*The price of Clone Phone Fully Loaded will depend on what phone you have. If you have an older handset like a Samsung Tocco, it will cost you £6 per month. However, if you have the latest iPhone it will cost you £14 per month.Clone phone fully loaded pricing

Insurance premiums are exempt from VAT and include Insurance Premium Tax at the current rate. Customer Services will confirm the cost of the policy at the time of the sale and it will be detailed on Your Confirmation of Cover.

Clone Phone Fully Loaded is subject to a minimum period of three months. If you cancel your policy during this term you will need to pay any outstanding payments due for the remainder of this period.

After the minimum three month term Clone Phone Fully Loaded will automatically renew every month for up to a maximum of five years unless you tell us you no longer want Clone Phone Fully Loaded. The monthly payment will be added to your bill.

All taxes are included in the above prices.

Excess charges

**The value of the Excess will depend on the monthly cost of Your Clone Phone Fully Loaded:

Cost of Clone Phone Fully Loaded

Excess value







Read more about Excess Fees >

Please note, Clone Phone prices are subject to change. We advise you to contact us to check the price and excess fee applicable to your phone.

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