How to use the Clone Phone app

How your content is cloned

The Clone Phone app keeps a snapshot of the current state of your phone's content, so if you add an item to your phone, it’s added to the Clone Phone website server. And if you remove an item from your phone, it’s removed from the website server. You cannot edit your content through the portal, you can only view what you’ve cloned there.

Cloning over mobile network and WiFi

Your contacts and calendar are cloned over our mobile network (don’t worry – we won’t charge you for this) or WiFi. Photos, videos and music are only cloned over WiFi, so that your data allowance is not affected. 

Cloning - Automatic and Manual

There are two modes of cloning available: Automatic (available on Android and BlackBerry, but not iPhone) and Manual which is configurable from your Clone Phone settings.

In Automatic mode, Clone Phone keeps track of any changes that you make to the content you chose to clone and starts cloning in the background. Contacts and calendars are cloned instantly whatever connection you have. Multimedia files are cloned as soon as WiFi is available. 

In Manual mode, you need to open the app and initiate cloning, the app then checks for any changes in the content and starts cloning. On iPhones you need to keep the app on the screen while it's cloning. We recommend you clone your content as often as possible so that if you lose your phone you have a recent copy of your stuff to restore. If you haven’t cloned for more than a week, we'll remind you.

Cloning process

The cloning speed depends a lot on your connection and how much data you clone. The first cloning of the phone which has photos and videos can take quite a while. Before you hit your first clone make sure your phone is plugged in, WiFi connected and you have plenty of time to finish it, so leaving it overnight normally works well.

Any consequent cloning on automatic mode should be really quick, but we still need to establish connection to the server and check your existing cloned content and just apply the right changes. 

On Android you can simply hide the app and the clone will continue whirring away peacefully in the background, meaning you can carry on as normal. iPhones can only sync in the background for a short amount of time, so you need to keep the app running for your first clone.

If you like, you can check the clone progress by going to your status notifications.  But don’t worry, we’ll let you know as soon as it's done.

To see when your last cloning occurred, how many items are cloned and how much space you’ve used simply open the Clone Phone app or you can visit the Clone Phone website to download your cloned data.

Cloning while roaming

Please remember when you are using the app while roaming, network operator roaming charges will apply.

Cloning and battery use

The Clone Phone app has been optimised not to drain your battery unnecessarily, but if you have an Android phone and want to preserve as much power as possible we suggest you turn off the Automatic Mode. However, be aware that if it's turned off you might not have a completely up-to-date clone of your content.

Your first clone is likely to take a little while if you have a lot of content on your phone. If that's the case, we recommend you keep your phone on charge.

How secure is my cloned data?

Your data is cloned on our secure servers, nobody but you has access to your cloned data.

How much data can the app clone?

The Clone Phone app comes with various storage allowances depending on your Clone Phone plan. When you approach your data limit by 80%, the app will notify you. After you reach your storage limit the app stops cloning until you either increase your Clone Phone server storage capacity by purchasing a storage add-on or by deselecting some of the cloning categories in the app settings. Please be aware that if you deselect category, all its contents will be deleted from the server as well.

Viewing what has cloned

You can review your cloned content at any time by logging on the Clone Phone website using your phone number and the password you have chosen while setting up the app. It's important to know that you cannot edit your content through the website, it’s only for viewing. This is because Clone Phone is designed to be an imprint of your current state of the phone, so you can be sure your new phone is the same as your old one, hassle free.

Find out about getting additional storage

See what content can be cloned

What content can be cloned


Clone Phone app can only clone contacts from your phone. We recommend transferring all your contacts from your SIM card to your device, so the app can save all your contacts. This can be done in your phone's settings menu. Exchange contacts are saved in your Exchange account.


If you have more than one calendar on your phone, you'll need to choose which one you'd like to be cloned, reoccurring events older than six months are not cloned.


iOS: Photos that will be cloned are the ones coming from the iPhone's gallery and iCloud photostream (when iCloud is configured).


iOS: Videos that will be cloned are the ones coming from the iPhone's gallery and iCloud photostream (when iCloud is configured).


Android and BlackBerry only. Clone Phone can't copy iPhone music, so if you move from Android to iPhone, you can download your music as a ZIP file from the Clone Phone website.

Clone Phone app compatibility

The Clone Phone app is compatible with Android, iPhone and Blackberry devices. However, we strongly recommend that you check your phone's compatibility before purchasing the service, by texting ’Clone‘ to 778899. If your phone is not compatible, you still can benefit from phone insurance in the Clone Phone Fully Loaded Plan.

See our insurance section





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Clone Phone app updates

We may ask you to accept updates of the app and/or these terms at any time, and you must download these updates in order to continue receiving the most up to-date functionality of the application. If you do not follow this reasonable advice, we are not responsible for any loss or damage that you suffer as a result of continuing to use the outdated version of the application.

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How to set up cloning and restoring

The cloning function is set up through the Clone Phone application. 

For restoring, you need to install the app and it will guide you through the process. 

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Clone Phone app setup for Android and BlackBerry

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Clone Phone app setup for Apple

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