Deactivation of Clone Phone app

On 30 April 2016, the Clone Phone app was deactivated. This affects customers who have Clone Phone Lite, Clone Phone Loaded and Clone Phone Fully Loaded.

Please note, the technical glitch that some customers have been experiencing regarding resetting their password has now been resolved and all customers are able to access their stored data.

What this means for my bill

If you have Clone Phone Loaded you'll no longer see the ‘Clone Phone Loaded’ charge on your bill.

If you have Clone Phone Fully Loaded, you'll continue to see ‘Clone Phone Fully Loaded’ on your bill, as the insurance will remain on your account – the only thing affected is the app.

As a Fully Loaded customer, you’ll already have access to the Premium Version of Lookout which provides 2GB of storage, all you need to do is download and activate the Lookout app.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please call 150 from your EE phone.

What this means for my data

If you wish to continue backing up your data after 30 April, you'll need to find a new storage solution. Below are links to some storage solutions available elsewhere and, although they aren’t associated with EE directly, they are all brands with experience in this area.

How do I remove the Clone Phone app from my phone?

The Clone Phone app will not automatically disappear from your phone from 30 April, although it will no longer be active. To uninstall the app please follow the instructions below:

Android devices

  • click on menu
  • go to settings
  • select Applications (sometimes shown as "Application Manager"
  • select manage applications
  • tap on Clone Phone
  • tap uninstall
iOS devices
  • press and hold down the Clone Phone app icon until the icons start to wobble
  • tap the cross ("x") in the top left hand corner
  • tap delete
  • tap the home button

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