How to get Insurance & Protection

You can add Full Cover or Damage Cover to your account online when you take out a new contract with EE.

If you're an EE customer without insurance but would like to add it, you can do this by calling us on 150.

If you have an existing EE insurance product and would like to change it, you can do this by calling us on 150.

Full Cover and Damage Cover - Eligibility

You can only purchase Full Cover or Damage Cover if:

  •        You are 18 years of age or over and live permanently in the United Kingdom.
  •        You have bought your device direct from us
  •        You are the named account holder.
  •        The device is registered in your name, and connected to a pay monthly EE plan.

Some important things to know

You can cancel this insurance at any time with no additional fees or charges. We will refund the part of the monthly premium paid for the number of days after we receive your cancellation instructions.

If you purchase your Full Cover or Damage Cover separate from your new connection or upgrade you will have a cooling off period of fourteen days, and a minimum term of three months, from the cover start date.

Full Cover and Damage Cover will automatically renew every month for up to a maximum of sixty months and the monthly premium will be added to your bill.  Towards the end of the sixty months we will contact you, unless you tell us you no longer want it before then.

If you upgrade your device your cover will end, and if you change your Service Plan, you should call us on 150 to check your insurance is still in place.

Insurance premiums are exempt from VAT and include Insurance Premium Tax at the current rate. You’ll be told the premium amount before  you buy it, and it will be detailed on Your Confirmation of Your Insurance Cover in your welcome pack.

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