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The right plan for you

This is a free service available to customers on an Orange plan.

There are better things to think about in life than whether your phone plan is giving you good value for money. That's why every six months we review the minutes, texts and data you're using.

If you're on the right plan we'll let you know. If you'd be better off on any other Orange plan available, we'll recommend one that suits you better.

You can switch online in My Account or by phoning customer services. There's no need to re-sign your contract – you can just move straight over.

This service is available to pay monthly customers who've joined or upgraded to an Orange plan on or before 30 October 2013.

Customers will need to have joined or upgraded via an Orange or EE shop or online at www.orange.co.uk or by calling us direct. It's not available to Talkshare, Family, iPhone 60 or iPhone 125 or business customers.

What do I need to do?

Nothing, we'll send you a text when your review is ready for you to look at online in Your Account and we'll offer you the option to switch to the recommended plan that suits your usage. If you're already on the right plan for you, we'll text you to let you know too.

Login or sign-up for My Account so you can view your recommendation online, when it is ready.

The detail

We review your UK voice, text and internet usage over the previous six months and compare this usage against our range of plans that are available up to 30 October 2013.

We review this against the same type of plans and same contract length, e.g. if you're on an 18-month plan then you'll be recommended other 18-month plans and if you're on a handset contract plan you'll be recommended other handset contract plans. Equally if you're on a SIM-only plan you'll be recommended to other SIM-only plans.

No information available?

There may be no information available on the right plan for you if:

  • You're in the first six months of your contract of your Orange plan, which means it's too early for us to have a complete idea of what the right talk plan would be for you
  • You've recently changed your plan when you upgraded – again, we need to know how you've used your phone for six months on your most recent plan
  • You're not on an eligible Orange plan.

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