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If you’re a new or upgrading customer signing up to a 24-month pay monthly handset plan in store or an upgrading customer selecting a new handset plan over the phone, you can choose to add a premium accessory to your plan and pay for it in 11 monthly instalments instead of one upfront payment.

You won’t receive any data, calls or texts with the accessory, it’s simply a credit agreement to enable you to split the cost of the accessory over a year (like you’d get to buy a sofa on credit). We don’t charge interest and you’ll always pay the same amount as the RRP of the product in our stores.

Receiving your accessory

If you purchase an Add to Plan accessory in store, you’ll receive the accessory immediately and will pay either no upfront cost or a small upfront cost at point of purchase. If we’re out of stock you may have to wait a few days for us to order it but the advisor will inform you of this at point of sale.

If you purchase an Add to Plan accessory over the phone, you’ll receive the accessory at the same time that you receive your handset. This should be within a few days, however if a device is in a pre-order period when you order, your accessory will not be dispatched until your handset is in stock.

Please note: You can only have one Add to Plan accessory bundle on your account at a time. You won’t be able to add any other data bundle to your account during the term of the bundle.

How billing works

You’ll see the charge for your accessory on the next bill you receive after adding the product to your plan. This charge will appear on your bill as ‘Add to Plan £x’ and will continue for 11 months before dropping off.

If you miss a payment we will be able to add the whole amount to your bill in one go

Returning your accessory

If you purchased your Add to Plan accessory in one of our stores, you’ll only be able to return your bundle and receive a full refund if you have coverage issues in your area or if your accessory is faulty. If your area does not have sufficient coverage then you must return your accessory within 14 working days. That’s explained in our standard retail returns policy.

If you purchased your Add to Plan accessory over the phone, you may return your Accessory in the first 14 days. For more information on how to do this please see our 14 day returns guide here.

To return a faulty accessory you will need the serial number of the product so please keep its original packaging.

Download terms and conditions for Add to Plan (.pdf 54.2KB) >

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