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Enjoy great subscriptions included in your plan

Orange Swapables are a range of great subscriptions that come free with our popular Panther or The Works plans but from 31 October 2013 Swapables are no longer available to new customers. To enjoy the benefits of premium content - including live sports, up-to-the-minute news and fantastic music streaming on your phone - you need a compatible phone and a Panther or The Works plan.

Choose your swapables

There are 10 Swapables to choose from and you can get up to two inclusive Swapables a month on Panther or The Works. Plus, you have the option to change your Swapable every 30 days, allowing you to enjoy even more of the great range that Swapables has to offer. New Panther and The Works handset customers. Subject to 18 or 24 month contract and credit check. UK only.

Remember, you may need to browse the internet to download or use the Swapables, so usage may impact on your data allowance. Some of the games available from the Play Games app will use data that is not part of the Swapables/Panther/The Works bundle. Charges will apply if you use your Swapables outside of the UK. And if you're using your WiFi at home charges may apply depending on your home internet package and download agreement.

How much swapables cost

One or two Swapables are included free on top of your internet, minutes and texts on Panther or The Works. You'll get one free Swapable on The Works or Panther plans costing less than £25 a month and two free Swapables on Panther plans costing more than £25 a month. If you want to subscribe to any additional Swapables, you can find them all on your phone at Orange World.

Swapables subscriptions - data costs

You may need to browse the internet to download or use the Swapables and as a result you may use up some of your data allowance. Please be aware that if you use your Swapables abroad, you will be charged for the data used.

Find out which swapables you can get

From October 31, 2013 Swapables are no longer available to new customers. If you are an existing Swapables customer on an eligible Panther or The Works plan, you can check what is available on your phone and manage your Swapables subscriptions on Orange World. Just visit on your phone.

I lost my welcome text. can I still get my swapables subscriptions?

Yes! Just visit on your phone to make your selection.

Changing your swapables subscriptions

You can change your Swapables every 30 days - but you don't have to. There is a countdown on the Swapables page to let you know when you can swap.

I'm on an old panther plan, can I still get swapables?

Swapables are only available with 18 and 24 month Panther plans introduced since September 2011, and 24 month The Works plans introduced since February 2013.

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