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WiFi is a wireless technology that allows PCs, laptops and other devices including mobile phones to connect to a network, and usually the internet.

It's useful when you're within a building, such as your home, office or a café, but you need to be near a WiFi router to maintain a connection.

Mobile Broadband uses EE's mobile phone network to provide you with an internet connection. This means you're connected whenever you have EE coverage.

Why wifi?

WiFi is broadband, but without the wires. With WiFi you can get access to the mobile internet in more places, whether you're surfing at home or out and about.

If browsing on the internet seems intermittent or slow, then WiFi can be a real help to get access to the internet in more places.

Wifi at home

You can connect privately at home using home broadband devices. WiFi usage here counts towards your home broadband allowance.

Wifi when you are out

You can connect to WiFi 'hotspots' around the country. Hotspots are usually found in public places like cafés, stations and airports, so you can stay online when you're out and about.

You'll need to have WiFi as part of your plan, or to have bought a WiFi bundle to get connected via BT Openzone hotspots.

You can find out how to get connected here: How to use WiFi

Please note: BT FON hotspots can appear as BT Openzone hotspots in your list of WiFi networks. These are not included in EE WiFi at the moment. 

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