4GEE phones for the blind or visually impaired

There are a number of features that can make it easier to use your phone if you're blind, visually impaired or have problems with your vision. 

Many mobile phones have a screen reader, which reads out the various options available on each phone screen. On the iPhone this is called VoiceOver, while on Android mobile phones it's called TalkBack. These features are available in the Accessibility section of your phone's menu.

Your phone can let you choose individual ringtones for different people. You can even set up voice-activated calling for your most popular numbers.

Look for a phone with:

  • Haptic feedback – when  you press a key, the phone vibrates
  • Audio feedback – so you can hear instructions
  • Back-lit keypad – in case the light is poor
  • Adjustable contrast – to help make text easier to read
  • Adjustable font size – in case you want larger letters
  • Large, clear, screen display and voice calling – to cut down on how much you have to read
  • Audible battery indicator – so you can hear when you're running low.

Go to the EE online shop to look at our selection of mobile phones, or visit your local EE store to speak to someone and get personal advice.

If you need more specialised information, go to the RNIB website and look for advice on choosing a phone.

Here are the free ways to contact EE:

  • By post at, Customer Services, EE, 6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR3 3XN
  • Post your question or issue in the EE community
  • Visit one of our retail stores

We appreciate that you may need help in using some of those free methods and that help may not always be available.

If you need to call us, you can do so on 150 from your EE, Orange or T-Mobile phone. If you have an Orange pay as you go phone please call 450. Depending on the time you are calling and your price plan, that call may be charged. We will tell you before any charges are applied.

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