How to unlock your device

You can unlock your device by filling in our online form or calling 150* from your mobile.

The cost of unlocking your device is £8.99 including VAT.

It takes up to 10 days to unlock a device, including Apple devices. If we have to contact the manufacturer for your code it may take longer than 10 days but we’ll text you to let you know if this happens.

If you’re on pay monthly, you need to have had your contract for six months before you can unlock a device. If you’re on pay as you go or SIM only, you can unlock your phone as soon as you get it, as long as it’s locked to EE, Orange or T-Mobile. Your PAYG account must be registered with your details for us to complete an unlock of a PAYG device. Register or manage your account.

For Apple and Samsung unlocking requests, we’ll text you a link to the unlocking instructions. If the mobile number attached to the device isn’t in use, please provide another mobile number as an alternative contact.

If you’re not with EE, Orange or T-Mobile customer and have bought a device second hand that’s locked to our network, call us on 07953 966 250. We’ll take your details and then complete checks for the device to be unlocked. When we’re ready to unlock your device, we’ll call you to take your £8.99 payment. Please check call charges with your provider. It will still take up to 10 working days to unlock your device, including Apple devices.

Problems with your code

If you have previously submitted an unlocking request via our webform please be assured that we are working on your request and we will process your unlock within 10 days.

If you haven’t received your code within 10 days and haven’t received a text saying we’re waiting for the codes from the manufacturer, please get in touch.

If you’ve received your unlocking code but it doesn’t work, please get in touch.

* Charges might apply when calling 150.

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