How to unlock your phone

Before submitting your unlock request please read the below info to understand which process you require.

The cost of unlocking your device depends on whether you’re on pay as you go, pay monthly or you're a Non EE customer.

Pay as you go

If you’re on pay as you go, you can unlock your phone as soon as you get it, as long as it’s locked to EE, Orange or T-Mobile. Your pay as you go account must be registered with your details for us to unlock a pay as you go device. Register or manage your account >

You must also ensure the device has not been reported as lost or stolen.

There are no charges for unlocking for pay as you go devices bought from EE and our indirect partners.  We’ll need to check other devices to confirm where and when they were bought. Pay monthly devices used on pay as you go will be subject to pay monthly rules and checks.

Pay monthly

If you’re on pay monthly, you need to have had the device you require to be unlocked for at least six months before you can have it unlocked. After that six months, if you’re within contract, the cost to unlock your device is £8.99. This charge will be applied to your account once the unlock code has been provided and will show on your next bill.

There are no charges to unlock your device once you’re out of contract with your device.

To be eligible for unlocking you must:

  • be the account holder for this device and phone number
  • have had the device you require to be unlocked for at least six months
  • ensure your bill has been paid and your account is up to date
  • ensure the device has not been reported as lost or stolen

Non EE Customer (Second-hand devices)

If you’re on pay monthly and you've bought a second-hand device, you won’t be able to unlock the device using our online form.

If you're not with EE, Orange or T-Mobile, but have a device locked to EE, please call us on 0800 956 6000 (option 2, option 4). We can unlock most devices for £8.99. It will take 10 days to unlock the device after the request has been submitted. 

More help with unlocking your device

It takes up to 10 days to unlock a device, including Apple devices. If we have to contact the manufacturer for your code it may take longer than 10 days but we’ll text you to let you know if this happens.

If you're happy with the above information you can unlock your device by filling in our online form or calling 150* from your mobile.

Charges might apply when calling 150.

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