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Activating your SIM

Your new SIM should already be activated, you don't need to do anything - find out when this might not be the case

Types of SIM card

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How long to activate a SIM?

I recently had my phone stolen therefore I have a new SIM and am waiting for my new SIM to be activated with the same number I was just wondering how long this...

Posted by becksy in 4G & Network
Cannot activate new SIM?

So, after an issue with my old SIM, I was sent a replacement by EE (T-Mobile) and arrived fine, put into my phone, a Blackberry Curve and problem sorted...

Posted by Popeye013 in 4G & Network
SIM card swap

I currently have a contract that includes a Nokia Lumia 820, but I've recently found an iPhone for sale that I would prefer. Is it possible to swap my current SIM...

Posted by HD in Product Queries