EE TV - help videos

Looking for help with EE TV? Our help videos show you how to get started, use your EE TV box and fix problems. Select from one of the headings below:

Getting started

Everything you need to know about EE TV from setting up to using the remote

Using your EE TV box

Find out how to use Catch Up & On Demand, Replay and Restart features as well as setting up parental controls

Using the EE TV app

All about Flick, Fetch, how to change your EE TV name, add favourites and share photos and videos

Fixing problems

Find new and missing channels, fix recording conflicts and sound a picture problems


Setting up your EE TV Box

It's super simple to get yourself set up on EE TV. We'll show you how.

Welcome to EE TV

A quick look at all the great things EE TV can do.

Using the EE TV remote

We'll show you how to use the basic functions of your EE TV remote.

Powerline Adaptors

We'll show you how to set up powerline adapters with EE TV.

Using EE TV Catch Up and On Demand

EE TV comes equipped with really useful applications such as BBC iPlayer, NOW TV and Wuaki. We'll show you where to find them, and how to open the apps.

Using Replay and Restart

We'll explain Replay and Restart on EE TV and show you how to use the features.

Choosing channels

We'll explain the EE TV menu features that help you to choose which channel or programme to watch.

Using the EE TV Guide

Looking for an overview of all the channels and programmes available on your EE TV? We'll show you how to use the EE TV Guide.

Locks and Parental Controls

EE TV comes with a great and easy to use set of security settings. We'll explain all about parental controls and how to use them.

Changing the name of My TV

Make your My TV area truely personalised by giving it a name - we'll show you how.

EE TV - Adding favourites to My Programmes

We'll show you how to add your favourite programmes to the My TV menu.

Adding favourites to your My TV menu

How to add a favourite channel to your My TV menu.

Changing your favourite channels list

How you can add and remove your favourite channels while watching TV on the EE TV app.

Using my Photos and Videos

How to share content stored on your device with your friends and family on your television.

Sorting your Photos and Videos

How to sort your photos and videos in the EE TV app making it easy to find the content you want to send to your television.

Using the Flick function

A quick and easy way to get anything you're watching on your EE TV app to your television.

Using the Companion Screen

Our guide explains how to open and use the Companion Screen letting you see more information about the programme you're watching as well as easy ways to control and share your programme.

Using the Fetch function

With the Fetch button you can take whatever's on TV and bring it up on your tablet or phone. Our guide explains how.

Finding new and missing Freeview channels

We'll show you how to re-scan digital TV channels on EE TV.

Picture or sound problems

Having problems with the picture on your EE TV? Watch our guide for help fixing the problem.

Managing recording conflicts

Having problems recording with EE TV? We'll show you how to fix recording conflicts.

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