EE TV icons

Action buttons – general

  Sub menu - Press the More button to open a menu - you'll find options to sort programmes and on your phone it shows the Search, Fetch, Companion and remote buttons

     Info - Info opens a description of the programme you're watching, and lets you see more information about your programme

      Programme setup  - Settings lets you turn on subtitles and select an audio track (when available)

      Flick to TV  -  Flick lets you send a programme you're watching on your EE TV app, to you television

      Flick from  TV  -  Flick from TV lets you send a programme you're watching on your television, to your EETV app

  Restart  - When a programme displays the RESTART icon, then you can automatically restart a programme from the beginning. This is available on your selected Replay channels

  Twitter - The Twitter icon shows when a programme is trending

     Delete -  Selecting the DELETE icon will delete text or recordings

      Cancel reminder


     Cancel favourite





     Unpair device

      Advance settings

         More info

       Extra time 

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