Improving your broadband speed

This article explains what broadband speed you can expect, what impacts it and some tips on how to improve it.

New customer or just moved house?

It takes a few days for the speed and stability of your new line to settle down whilst we make sure that you get the fastest but also most stable speeds possible.

This is also the case if you have recently switched off the power to your router (turning the router off for any more than an hour restarts the line stabilisation process).

What broadband speed should I get?

When you join we’ll tell you the range of speeds you can expect for how fast data is sent (upload speed) or received (download speed) along your line. We also tell you a minimum guaranteed speed that you should receive.

The actual speed you receive will depend on a number of factors (shown below).

What affects my broadband speed?

The broadband speed you get will depend on your telephone line, and various factors within your home.

Speeds will vary according to your telephone line:

  • standard broadband - you can get up to 17Mb/s
  • fibre broadband - up to 38Mb/s
  • EE Fibre Plus - up to 76Mb/s

To make sure you get the best experience, we also balance your line speed with stability – our aim is to give you the fastest speeds while making sure that your connection is uninterrupted.

How close your home is to our broadband equipment will also affect your speed - for standard broadband, this is at your nearest telephone exchange; for fibre, this is in a cabinet near your house.

Factors inside your house which can affect your speed include:

  • the distance, type and quality of the connection between your router and your devices (particularly true for WiFi connections)
  • if you’ve just joined or you’ve unplugged your router for more than an hour
  • the number of people (or devices) that are using your broadband connection at the same time
  • quality of your phone line inside your house
  • how your router equipment is set up in your house
  • which websites you’re accessing
  • computer issues, for example spyware or older computers and software

Improving your broadband speed

If you find that your current broadband speed is slower than you expected, it could be down to your phone line and router set up, your WiFi settings or the device you’re using.

Check if your line speed is within the range we estimated >

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