Improving your broadband speed

Think your broadband speed’s slower than it should be? We’re here to help.

What speed should my broadband be running at?

Find out what speed you should be getting by checking the estimated broadband speeds in your area.

Does the type of package I’m on affect my broadband speed?

Yes. We offer three packages with different broadband speeds (which are measured in megabytes per second or Mb/s):

  • Broadband (speeds of up to 17Mb/s)
  • Fibre Broadband (speeds of up to 38Mb/s)
  • Fibre Plus (speeds of up to 76Mb/s)

What other factors can affect my broadband speeds?

Several factors can affect the speed you’re actually browsing at:

  • if you’ve just joined EE or recently moved home. It takes a while for the speed and stability of your broadband to settle down
  • the distance between your home and our broadband equipment (for standard broadband this is at your nearest telephone exchange. For fibre, this is in a cabinet near your house)
  • the distance, type and quality of connection between your router and device
  • browsing a busy or slow site or service
  • more than one device using your broadband connection
  • how far your device is from your router if using WiFi
  • computer issues (e.g. spyware or older equipment)
  • turning your router off for more than an hour. You should leave it switched on all the time (including overnight or if you’re away from home)
  • the quality of your phone line

How can I test my broadband speed?

If you think your broadband’s a little slow, find out how to test your connection speed.

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