Nearly there page

When you open your browser, you may be re-directed to the NEARLY THERE page. This will happen when setting up your router for the first time and after choosing your Parental Control options:

Or, you may also see the page after resetting your Bright Box router or changing settings to Fibre or Standard broadband.

You'll usually see the page for about a minute and no longer than five. So, just sit back and relax while we get you up and running.

If you see the page for longer than five minutes, don't worry. We'll show you how to fix the problem.

Check if the page is stuck

The NEARLY THERE page can get stuck in your computer's cache. If you're only getting the problem on a couple of web pages (usually your home page), or on one computer in your house, try each of the options below.

  • Restart your computer and turn your Bright Box off and back on again - this will fix most problems
  • Clear the cache in your browser
  • Reset your browser - as a last resort this will fix the problem


Manually update your broadband username and password

If you're getting the problem on all web pages, try updating your username and password from the Bright Box admin pages.

Check you're online

To check you're online, look at your Bright Box router's Broadband and Internet light. They should both be green. If not, see one of our connection guides:

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